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An orangery is somewhat similar to a conservatory, although an orangery offers a higher level of privacy due to its brick pillar construction. An orangery also tends to use less glass, which again increases privacy levels.


We tend to classify orangeries as extensions, as they’re a quick solution to offering additional home space. Our range of orangeries are available in 6 different design options, however our best-sellers include the lean-to style for properties with limited garden space and the original Victorian style. An orangery tends to be an opulence solution and to truly top it off, why not couple it with bi-folding doors to create a truly superior project.

Our orangeries are made up of insulated composite panels making it not only strong and robust, but also very thermal efficient. Nothing but natural light will enter your new home addition.


Climate control
The glass used in our orangeries have been coated with a solar control coating, which helps to prevent the build up of heat during the hot summer months. The solar control coating incorporated into the glass provide the orangery with a more comfortable living space in the hot summer months.

Available in more than 200 colours
Our orangeries are available in an attractive woodgrain finish in colours such as white, Irish oak and rosewood. These grained colour options enable you to match the orangery to the rest of the foiled windows and doors your home has been fitted with. A bespoke finish in virtually any colour also available.

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Tailored design
Our orangeries are available in an array of styles, we have the orangery for you. From Victorian to Edwardian and even a new modern T-shaped design, we have a style of conservatory to suit and compliment your home perfectly.

Add more space
An orangery will extend your home and you will create an extra room sitting on the outskirt of your home. If you’re in need of more space but can’t / don’t want to move, getting an orangery may be the best option for you. An orangery is an affordable home extension that can be used in winter as well as summer.