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If you’re looking to create more space to your home, a conservatory is a great and cost-effective way to do so. Our range of conservatories are available on 6 different designs including the popular Georgian and Victorian styles.


Our conservatories can easily be adapted to the style and size you require for your home. Whether you’re after a small or large conservatory, there’s a design to fit.
You can choose either PVCu or Aluminium for your next conservatory – most people tend to go for PVCu as you’re able to match the finish with existing or new woodgrain foiled windows.

To ensure that no rain finds its way into the conservatory we use a special proven weather seal to achieve the best possible weatherproofing. The weather seal includes a rain baffle in the ridge system and also secondary drainage in the glazing system which combined makes it completely impervious to water penetration.


Climate control
One of the main worries homeowners face when buying conservatories is the worry of its temperature rising to feel like one of a greenhouse in the summer and one of an igloo in the winter. To overcome this we’re now able to offer conservaglass; a special type of climate control glass, which makes sure that your conservatory stays exactly the right temperature every day – all year round.

Available in more than 200 colours
A conservatory is a big decision as you won’t be able to easily get rid of or change it. Make sure you choose a colour you won’t regret. If you decide to go for one made of PVCu, our colour options include White, Irish Oak and Rosewood. If you choose a conservatory made up of an aluminium frame, we can create a tailor-made conservatory in one of more than 200 colours.

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Advanced security features
A conservatory is made up of a lot of glass but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy target for burglars. We offer high security features such as internal beading, multi-point locking systems and secure toughened glass, which make the conservatory just as secure as any other part of your home.

Add value to your home
A conservatory will not only provide you with an attractive, desirable and impressive new space in your home, but could also add significant value when selling.

By investing in a conservatory it will not only add value to your home, but will also provide a room that is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways – you’re not just buying another room – you’re investing in a whole new lifestyle.