Composite and GRP Composite Doors

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Composite Doors

Your front door sets the vibe for the rest of your home. Choose one of our many door designs and raise the appeal of your home to inspiring new heights. All our composite doors are a result of English quality craftsmanship creating a stunning dream entranceway. No home should be without a composite door.

Our composite doors are made up of multiple layers, which is why they are regarded as the toughest and one of the most secure door solutions out there. Due to the layers and the 48mm timber core this door is virtually impossible to break through.


Versatility to suit your home
We offer a large range of accessories and finishing touches to complement your choice of door; whether it’s a modern or traditional looking door style you will find an accessory to make it stand out.

Through living here in the UK, you will be well aware of the drastic changes in weather we experience on a yearly basis – from hosepipe bans to flooding, our country goes through some severe weather changes throughout the course of a year. That’s why our composite doors have been tested against extreme weather conditions to ensure they are able to withstand anything that the Great British weather throws at it.


Advanced security features
Creating a safe living environment for you and your family is one of the main reasons home owners go for a composite door. All our doors are fitted with an Ultion lock as standard; a lock that’s designed to overcome security problems arising from the vulnerability of snapping and bumping as common means of burglar attacks.

20 colours available
Add a dash of colour to your door. You can choose between 20 colours inside and/or outside of the door. We offer a range of unique woodgrain colours including industry firsts, Walnut, Rich Aubergine, Duck Egg Blue and French Grey. Our woodgrain colours are designed to mimic a traditional timber door.

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GRP Composite Doors

GRP composite doors are a modern alternative to the premium composite door. Get the best of both worlds with a reinforced solid core, set around thermally insulated polyurethane foam with a 3.8mm door skin that comes in your woodgrain choice making it look just like a timber door.

The GRP Composite door is the simple robust door solution we’ve all been waiting for. With a 44mm solid core it has surpassed the cut-through test, which means it’s regarded as one the most secure GRP doors on the market this day today.


Tailored designed
Our range of GRP doors come in 16 different designs in 5 different colours, with this you also have a large range of glass designs to choose from. If you require a simple tailored door with side light and/or top lights this is the door for you.

Robust material
Our GRP door are made up of multiple layers making it one of the toughest GRP doors on the market. The 44mm core is made up of polyurethane, which makes the door light but also strong.

Lower energy…
Our GRP composite doors have been crafted with energy efficiency in mind. All doors come with a 5 chamber lead free thermally efficient profile which allows them to easily achieve efficiency that surpass requirements for building regulations.