Casement windows …flush windows …sliding sash …PVCu …aluminium …timber. There is so much to choose from if you are looking for new windows that you sometimes don’t know where to start. So, let’s go right back to basics and take a look at some of those choices and what they mean to you.

Casement Windows are the most popular choice. They simply open with hinges to the side or top. They can come in dozens of shapes and designs to suit any style of home.

Flush Windows, or flush casements, are the fast-growing new choice for the classical or cottage look, where the opening part fits flush inside the outer frame for total rustic simplicity.

Sliding Sash Windows, also known as Vertical Slider or VS, like the ones in you see in so many classical buildings, with two sections that slide up and down independently. Now made with modern materials, they are warmer, more secure and don’t jam or stick but still retain the authentic look of this elegant heritage style.

Tilt & turn is one of the most practical window styles because you can choose to have fresh air and ventilation in ‘tilt’ mode without compromising security or switch to ‘turn’ to open completely and even clean the whole window from inside.

French windows, just like the well-known French doors, are pairs that open outwards without any central pillar, giving you a full expanse of panoramic view. Their simplicity of design makes them an ideal choice for homes of any style or vintage, especially on an upper floor.

These are just a few of the dozens of styles you can choose from Tailored Windows in either PVCu, aluminium or timber, along with all styles of composite doors, PVCu doors, patio doors, bi-folds, French doors, conservatories, orangeries and more. Just ask.